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Posted on: May 30, 2014

Another New NORCROSS Business Opening! Miniature City, TINY TOWNE

Tiny Towne- Newsflash 486x.jpg

Remember wanting to play like you were an adult, with cars and houses and grown-up rules?
Pierre Maalouf, creator of "every kids dream," invested in his version and has brought Tiny Towne to life!
By Susan Warner

Norcross, GA- May 30, 2014- The City of Norcross was chosen as Tiny Towne's first U.S. location had its "soft opening" today, introducing an amazing new driving concept, within an indoor KID SIZE town.

"The end of June is our target date for kids and their parents," said Pierre Maalouf, General manager. "Construction is almost complete, but we still a lot of software testing, traffic light installations, and police & employee training to do before we are open to the public. We are trying to make our first impression a remarkable one!"

Mayor of Norcross, Bucky Johnson was present during the ribbon cutting and was thrilled to meet the mayor of Tiny Towne, Kasim Abuaisheh. "We have been working for months, perfecting the Tiny Towne concept,, said Abuaisheh. "I am so proud of our accomplishment and I'm eager to show it off! I am also pleased to stand beside the mayor of Norcross and trust I will receive the same admiration as I begin my term, as the first mayor of Tiny Towne."

"To have Norcross as the first Tiny Towne location in the nation is extraordinary," said Norcross mayor, Bucky Johnson. "I used to be a teacher, so I see where a combination of video games, kid size cars and learning can go great together."

The Norcross celebration didn't stop with just two mayors- both police chiefs were able to meet and discuss road and traffic safety.

Also in attendance: Pete Marin- State Representative, Norcross City Council, Norcross Economic Development Team and Southwest Gwinnett Chamber.

At the end of June (exact date still to be determined):

Kids, ages 1 through teen, are able to drive age appropriate cars through a tiny town.

Ages 1-3 Beginners: Must practice on a simulator inside a tiny car that tilts and moves up-and-down. Children at this age learn basic car control skills.

Ages 3-6 Junior: These kids can drive a small vehicle on a track for their level, at a controlled speed and with boundaries. Wearing a seat belt and avoiding crashes are taught.

Ages 6-9 Intermediate: Graduating to a slightly larger car, drivers encounter traffic lights, two-lane/ one-way streets and road signs.

Ages 9+ Senior: This group encounters more signage, two-way streets and POLICE (oops)! All senior drivers must pass a traffic test and upon completion will receive a permit with access to Tiny Towne smart cars on the Advanced track.

Much like grown-ups, Senior Drivers who pass the basic traffic test (more rigorous than the DMV) and have a safe driving record on the Advanced track, will receive the ultimate: a Tiny Towne Driver's License!

WARNING: Not using a seat belt or running a stop sign will result in a "ticket", handed out by Tiny Towne police officers. Please, please, don't consider texting-while-driving! This will automatically suspend your driver's permit. Violations come with differing "points" on your driver's record and will shut-down your tiny car. Heavy violators may have to face a Tiny Towne judge.


Play: Arcade Room; ride a Tiny Towne train; several driving options for all ages

Learn: A wide range of driving classes, teaching drivers the rules of the road

Drive: "Everyone can drive", toddlers through teens

Party: Hold birthday parties or group events

Educate: Schools can spend a fun day learning about traffic laws, signs and road safety with 30 touch screen computers, simulators and more

Cost: Beginner & intermediate: $8 for 1 round (10 minutes); Advanced: $20 for 1 round (20 minutes of driving; yearly memberships offered for $75, general entrance is free

Redevelopment of an existing retail space at 2055 Beaver Ruin Road, brings a spectacular transformation, giving rise to Tiny Towne's, "Edu-tainment Center".

See the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PWZQkotaYMc

Photo Caption: Mayor, Kasim Abuaisheh of Tiny Towne, Meets Norcross Mayor, Bucky Johnson

View Tiny Towne Norcross- for More Information
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