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City Clerk

  1. Open Records Request Form

    Used to request records subject to the Open Records Act used by the City of Norcross.

Customer Service Survey

  1. Customer Satisfaction Survey
  1. Customer Service Feedback

    Have you seen a City Employee go above and beyond in their duties? Have you come across potential improvements we can make in our... More…

Economic Development

  1. Do You Know a City of Norcross Business Who Has Done Something Special, Won an Award, Etc.?

    If so, please let us know!

  2. Economic Development Report Card- Are we doing what we are supposed to?

    As you already know, the City of Norcross is a diverse and unique community! Economic Development staff work hard every day, willing to... More…

  1. Economic Development Additional Information Requested (Contact Us)

    Please complete this form to request additional information or a callback from a department member.

  2. Looking for information on commercial land, or an existing or new commercial building within the City of Norcross?


  1. Community Camera Program Registration Form

    Registration Form for the Community Camera Program