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Development Process
Development Permit Process and Checklists

Any land disturbance in excess of 5,000 square feet or any land disturbance of any size on a property with a State Water must obtain a development permit from the City of Norcross. Please access the following links to download information on the development process in the City of Norcross and technical checklists associated with the development of construction plans.

For information on the design of water and sewer utilities, please reference the checklists located on the Gwinnett County Water and Sewer website.

Projects that require a development permit with a distrurbed area of more than one acre need to be reviewed by the Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission. Please link to the Region 2 GSWCC website for Plan Review and Submittal information.

Finalizing a construction project is marked by the obtaining of a Certificate of Occupancy or the recording of a Final Plat through the City. The City uses these processes to insure that the applicant has complied with applicable ordinances during the construction phase. The following package provides information on required documentation and forms in order to close out the construction phase: