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Norcross LCI Greeway Update

Links below to view the concept plans, site analysis and power point that was shared at the meeting on Nov. 18th. For more information, contact Jon Davis at .

Concept plan

Norcross Town Center LCI, 2011 Update
The Norcross Town Center Livable Centers Initiative (“LCI”) Plan is an update to the Atlanta Regional Commission’s (“ARC”) 2001 LCI Town Center Plan that crafted a community vision for revitalizing and redeveloping Norcross’s historic Downtown, focused on building appropriate land use and connectivity in Downtown and surrounding areas, and included urban design guidelines and economic development recommendations focused around Lillian Webb Park, and a proposed town plaza and transit center.

Norcross Activity Center, 2008 Update
The Norcross Activity Center LCI study area is contained entirely within Gwinnett County, and partly within the City of Norcross. Located in the southwestern corner of the County, the LCI is loosely bound by the Interstate 85, North Norcross Tucker Rd., Buford Hwy., and Beaver Ruin Rd.

Norcross Downtown Parking Study
The Downtown Parking Study is to promote a prosperous and vibrant Downtown, the City of Norcross engaged the services of a parking consultant using ARC LCI supplement study funds to perform a comprehensive study of the Downtown Parking System. The study addresses parking issues as well as traffic circulation and pedestrian safety throughout the Downtown Study Area. The purpose of the study is to provide analysis, guidelines, and recommendations that will guide public and private parking decisions in Downtown Norcross.

Norcross 2034 Comprehensive Plan
The 2034 Comprehensive Plan is a policy guide for making rezoning and capital investments decisions and sets policies for City officials and staff concerning the future development of Norcross. This update of the Comprehensive Plan builds upon a long city tradition of planning and community involvement. At its foundation is the 2030 comprehensive Plan adopted in 2008, and its building blocks include the numerous planning studies undertaken over the past five years. This plan have been reviewed by the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and determined to meet the Local Planning requirements, effective March 1, 2014.

Norcross Downtown Streetscape Project
The Norcross Downtown Streetscape Project is located in the City of Norcross in Gwinnett County and the City of Norcross has been awarded TE funds from GDOT to devote toward design and construction of a downtown streetscape. The project includes the west side of Thrasher Street, in Downtown Norcross, beginning at Autry Street to the south and ending at Park Drive to the north. The project also includes the east side of South Peachtree Street, beginning at Autry Street to the south and ending approximately 100 yards north of Carlyle Street. The project length is 0.45 mile.

Buford Highway Median and Pedestrian Project
The Buford Highway Median and Pedestrian Project is located in Gwinnett County, inside the City of Norcross, from M.P. 2.37 to M.P. 3.88 on US23 / SR 13. The proposed project will modify the existing 5-lane undivided typical section by adding a raised median.

Parks Master Plan
The City of Norcross Parks Master Plan is to provide guidance for strategic phasing and spending that will address deficiencies and identify the key recreational needs as expressed by the residents. The prioritization of projects within the Master Plan allows for selective phasing, spending, and helps to focus attention on key issues, rather than attempting to do all things for all people.

Holcomb Bridge Road Railroad Crossing Intersection Improvement Traffic Study
The purpose of this report is to document the findings of a traffic engineering study of the Holcomb Bridge Road railroad crossing. The study identifies the traffic and safety problems of the at-grade railroad crossing and provides options for its relocation and/or reconstruction.