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From the Economic Development Department


              City First Picture


              Choose a "City First" Business Neighbor/ Member at Left


During the 2013 Business Breakfast, City of Norcross staff presented a new program titled: City First. According to Economic Development Manager, Rusty Warner,  “This simply means before you purchase anything for your business, think of your Norcross neighbors, FIRST. We consider any business within the city of Norcross  and surrounding Norcross to be local. Let’s shift spending back into our own local economy. Businesses that have already heard about the Program think it is an excellent, no cost way to revitalize and strengthen our Norcross community just   by looking at where your company spends money and trying to keep some of it here, at home.

The definitive goal of this new program is to shift dollars back into Norcross while effecting a more permanent change in the way we think about running our businesses. 

One company who prematurely heard about the program proudly cites the words City First, whenever I see him, he proudly describes all the new services, purchases and comrades he has gained from just a simple concept!

If a Norcross company doesn't exactly meet your  criteria- don't use that company. If you thought about a neighboring company before you placed a call outside the city, you have done your part. 

The Program is meant only to change our thought process and to introduce one city business to another.”


What makes City First members different from other Norcross businesses?

City First members have forged an allegiance to each other and with the City. They have taken the time to fill out their business profile and have inner-Norcross commerce in their hearts. They often speak of the Program and feel privileged to be a member.

What if I like an outside company I am already using?

What if what I need can’t be locally purchased?

What if inside services are at a higher cost?

Use any business you like, anywhere. Never make a poor or sacrificial decision when it comes to building your business.  Again, we only want Norcross businesses to realize who their neighbors are and if any of your neighbor's services would fit with their business.

I only have to consider my Norcross neighbor when purchasing?

Yes, this program is designed to simply change the way we think about purchasing, and how what we purchase could have a positive result on your own business. Consider this a “new way of thinking”

What’s the catch?

Really---none. The concept is so simple that it is expected there may be an initiation or program fee, but there is none. This is just a little thinking-outside– the-box and a little “zero-cost economics,” of which the city is known. 

Here’s the scoop: In the last twelve months more businesses have chosen to make our city, their city. We rank near the top, within Gwinnett County, in economic development. This designation is a great advertising tool for your own business, so let's keep the momentum.


                                                                            Let's stay healthy, diverse and desirable.

                                                                    City First City.png

                            READY to JOIN?

Thought this was the “catch part”?   Nope. Just participate!  No special cards or discounts.

Let your Norcross business support another Norcross business!

We do need your help though to keep momentum, and this website is a great place to start! 

We will be collecting business information as sort of a directory to enable one business to find another. If you are a Norcross business and haven't filled out your business profile, 
please do so here.