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Government Transparency
Today's technology makes it simple to provide citizens with access to detailed information about their government - information that citizens should demand - at virtually no cost. This site is designed to help empower the citizens of Norcross to access and analyze information about their government.

We believe that citizens can help find waste and duplication in government, but also identify good ideas and encourage best practices. Some of us would prefer to use savings to fund other programs, some of us would prefer to use savings to lower the cost of government to taxpayers, but we can all agree that no one's life is improved by inefficiency.

Boards & Authorities
The City of Norcross currently has ten boards and authorities comprised of citizens that advise the council on the issues that their group represents. The elected officials are firm believers that they are elected to represent the citizens. Everyone is not going to agree on every issue, but it is the job of the elected officials to do what is best for the city as a whole while taking into consideration the economic impact of decisions made.

Comments & Suggestions
Your comments and suggestions for improvements to this website are welcomed and may be addressed to Monique Lang, webmaster.

Thank you for your interest in Norcross!

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