What is a provisional ballot? For what reason would I have to use one?

A provisional ballot is a paper ballot used by a voter when their eligibility to vote cannot be determined at the polling place; see scenarios below. Voters who declare they are registered and eligible to vote in the City in which they desire to vote, but whose names do not appear on the registration list, must be permitted to cast a provisional ballot. If you have a good faith belief you are registered correctly in your City, you have the right to vote a provisional ballot. The provisional ballot will count if your eligibility can be determined within three days after Election Day by your County Registrar’s office.

  • I am a registered voter in this county, but I am told I am at the wrong polling place in my county.

  • I am a registered voter, but I am told I am registered in a different county.

  • I believe I am registered to vote in this county, but the poll worker cannot find my registration, or the Registrar’s Office cannot confirm my registration.

  • I am a registered voter in this county, but I did not bring a photo ID to the polls.

  • I am a first-time voter in Georgia, and when I registered to vote by mail in this county, I did not provide a copy of identification verifying my name and address.

  • I am voting during extended polling hours in an election in which federal candidates are on the ballot.

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