Doing Business in Norcross

The City of Norcross Economic Development Department offers a wide array of services to assist new and existing businesses. We can help you with:

Business Consultation

We take great pride in our local businesses, and want to see you grow and thrive! We are here to support the existing business community as well as recruit new prospects to the city, so don't be a stranger! If we can be of any assistance—navigating hurdles, planning an expansion, connecting to business resources—please be sure to reach out.

Site Selection

Interested in doing business in Norcross but need help finding the right property? We can help you search available properties and find the right match for your target demographics and logistical needs. And we won't stop there! We'll be with you step-by-step through the permitting process to ensure a smooth and speedy launch.

Incentive Information & Resources

Did you know you can save money by doing business in Norcross? Not only do we have low property taxes, low business license fees, low stormwater fees and a quick application and reviewing process (time is money, after all!), but you may also be eligible for these tax benefits and exemptions:

  • Less Developed Census Tracts
  • Opportunity Zones
  • Freeport Tax Exemption
  • Foreign Trade Zones

Additional Resources

At the end of the day, we're here to put information at your fingertips. Check out these links for other resources that may be of interest!