Studies & Plans

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2040 Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a policy guide for making rezoning and capital investment decisions and sets policies for city officials and staff concerning the future development of Norcross. Updated every five years, this plan lays out the future vision and goals for the community, and also establishes priority needs and opportunities. A work program of activities, initiatives, programs and administrative systems are also outlined.

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Unified Development Ordinance

The UDO combines zoning and land development regulations into one easy-to-read and understand document with the ability to direct and encourage development in a manner consistent with the city’s vision and goals as established in policy documents such as the adopted Comprehensive Plan. To access the UDO, navigate to Subpart B of the Code of Ordinances.

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Buford Highway Master Plan

For the first time, the City of Norcross has unanimously approved a high-level master plan to guide the intentional development along the Buford Highway corridor between Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Beaver Ruin Road, with a specific interest in uniting the city through new homes, retail, parks and office space.

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Downtown Parking Study

The Downtown Parking Study, an update to a 2011 study, addresses parking issues as well as traffic circulation and pedestrian safety throughout the downtown study area. The purpose of the study was to provide analysis, guidelines, and recommendations that will guide future public and private parking decisions in Downtown Norcross.

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Urban Redevelopment Plan

Norcross’s Urban Redevelopment Plan (URP) is a document that complements the City of Norcross 2040 Comprehensive Plan. The URP is essentially a detailed analysis of pervasive poverty, underdevelopment, general distress and blight in and around the city’s commercial areas. While the URP covers the entire city limits, its most impactful analysis and recommendations (as it relates to redevelopment efforts) are focused on commercial areas of the city with the highest levels of poverty and blight.

Parks, Trails & Other Plans

Parks, Greenspaces & Trails Master Plan (2023)

The City of Norcross Department of Public Works, Utilities & Parks is excited to launch this project that recognizes the interdependence of healthy people, a strong economy and a vibrant and biologically diverse landscape. The project aims to create an actionable long-range vision (5-10 years) that strategically plans for the future of the city's parks, greenspaces and trails through the lens of meaningful green infrastructure conservation and development.

The project is currently in its first phase, which involves collecting and reviewing previously completed plans, completing interviews with City leaders, and collecting input from residents to establish the project goals of the plan. 

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Parks Master Plan (2011)

The Parks Master Plan provides a guide for the city to follow when planning future growth and development with specific attention to city parks and green spaces to ensure everyone has just and fair access to quality parks, green spaces, recreation facilities and programs. The plan sets forth a mission and vision, priorities, opportunities for community engagement, plans for collection and analysis of metrics and outcome indicators, as well as a realistic implementation plan based on resources, partnerships and funding scenarios.

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Parks Master Plan Update (2016)

This document is an update to the 2011 Parks Master Plan document and is meant to be reviewed in tandem; it does not replace the 2011 document.

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Beaver Ruin Creek Greenway Concept Plan

The Beaver Ruin Greenway Concept Plan is a study to improve pedestrian connectivity and stormwater quality, using existing sidewalks, buffers and utility easements.

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Gwinnett Countywide Trails Master Plan

The Gwinnett Countywide Trails Master Plan is an illustration of Gwinnett County's vision for a 320 mile network of trails that spans the county. Much cross-county collaboration has occurred to help plan these community improvements creating a network of pedestrian and cycling trails. To follow this project or for more information click HERE.

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Norcross Sustainability Plan

The Sustainability Plan commits Norcross to increase accountability towards goals of Healthy People, Healthy Places and Healthy Economy. The plan provides a roadmap by identifying the current status of conditions and identifies nationally recommended outcome metrics for tracking progress over time. Several major initiatives are underway in Norcross, which will establish new baselines for the community around green space and tree canopy, housing affordability, active recreational opportunities, parks accessibility and acreage, and educational assets. These in addition to the many actions captured in this plan, set Norcross on a steady path towards an enhanced quality of life for all residents.  

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