Property Taxes


The Tax Department is responsible for the collection of property taxes for the City of Norcross. Property owners wishing to apply for an exemption should do so before July 31 of each year. Property owners who already qualify and receive an exemption and have had no ownership changes will not need to reapply each year. Current exemptions will remain in effect until the Tax Department is notified of the change. 

Tax Bills

Property tax bills are mailed out September 15 of each year, and due 60 days from the mailing of the bills, which is November 15. Interest on unpaid tax bills will be applied in accordance with Georgia Code §48-2-40. Penalties on unpaid taxes will be applied in accordance with Georgia Code §48-2-44. If a bill becomes delinquent, the tax officer will issue a tax lien against the property, which is known as a Fi.Fa. Notice of the Fi.Fa. will be sent to the property owner, and payment must be received in full before the Fi.Fa. is removed.

Five Year Tax Digest

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