Land Use


Sustainable land management aims to integrate the management of land, water, biodiversity, and other environmental resources to meet human needs while sustaining the local ecosystem. Improper land use can lead to land degradation and a significant reduction in the natural functions of watersheds and landscapes. 

In 2017, the Norcross Historic Preservation Board was created in order to preserve historic buildings located within the designated Historic Preservation District located mainly within the Downtown Area dating back to 1870. Having the Historic Preservation Board allows Norcross to sustain its unique and charming character, by regulating what developmental activity is allowed. 

Along the Buford Highway Corridor, Norcross initiated the Density Bonus incentive to allow higher density development or redevelopment near Historic Downtown Norcross for mixed use, infill, or neighborhood developments.  

The City of Norcross is certified under the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Green Communities program and is one of only several Platinum-level Green Communities in metro Atlanta. Below, see how Norcross is doing on completing ARC Green Communities measures around land use:


Table of Contents

Title Page Number Points Completed
Government Facility at Brownfield 205 10 Yes
Government Facility at Greyfield 207 5 Yes
Government Infill Development 212 5 Yes
Historic Preservation Ordinance 213 5 Yes
Smart Growth Incentives 218 5 Yes
Revitalization Incentives/Strategies 219 5 Yes