Buford Highway Development

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For several years we've been developing Downtown Norcross in an attempt to expand towards Buford Highway, a corridor that not only connects (the highway is well-known for passing through many Gwinnett cities and other metro Atlanta hubs), but divides—the busy highway neatly cuts our diverse city in two, and in the past that physical division has correlated with a division in demographics and access to city public spaces, opportunities and entertainment. 

For the first time, the City of Norcross has unanimously approved a high-level master plan to guide the intentional development along the Buford Highway corridor between Jimmy Carter Boulevard and Beaver Ruin Road, with a specific interest in uniting the city through new homes, retail, parks and office space.


Ongoing; 10 to 20-year scope

Download Master Plan Final Report | December 6, 2021

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