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Meet Mayor Craig L. Newton

For over twenty years, Craig L. Newton has been a passionate public servant who has demonstrated solid leadership and unwavering support for the City of Norcross, Gwinnett County, and the metro Atlanta region. Craig comes from a long lineage of Gwinnett history. The Newton family has been a part of Gwinnett County since the early 1900’s and he has been a lifelong resident of Norcross. After serving nearly twenty-years on the Norcross City Council, he made history in November 2017 when he was elected as the first African American mayor of any city in Gwinnett County. Today, he continues his public servant journey as Mayor, where he is dedicated to guiding the City of Norcross to a new chapter of economic prosperity, growth, and improved quality of life for all residents. Mayor Newton brings decades of executive experience from both the private sector and public leadership roles to the City of Norcross that will serve the city well for years to come. 

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