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Jan 25

Remembering Mooney’s Lake

Posted to Gene Ramsay's History Blog by Melissa Zeigler

Betty Scott Jarrett, who grew up in Norcross some years ago, enjoys posting photos of the town and her family and friends from her early years.  She recently posted a photo of her with a friend at the Mooney’s Lake amusement park, where their seventh-grade class had an end-of-year school outing, circa 1955.   

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Oct 09

New Public Safety Facility

Posted to Words From Our Mayor by Marketing Marketing

Why create a new public safety facility?

Law enforcement is constantly evolving to meet the needs of today’s challenges in public safety.

As the landscape of policing changes over time, many agencies need facilities that can incorporate or accommodate these changes.

However, before starting plans for a new facility, there are items to consider in ensuring that the new or updated facility will meet the current and future needs of the agency and community.

Community engagement has become a central focus in policing.

The premise is to build relationships with community members and involve them in public safety efforts to strengthen the department’s presence and relationship with the community it serves and to enhance the community’s trust in the agency.

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