The City of Norcross is dedicated to sustainable living. We believe in protecting our natural resources, increasing citizens’ quality of life, saving money and ultimately being “A Place to Imagine” for a brighter, greener future. Read on to learn more about our initiatives and goals.

Sustainable Norcross:  At-A-Glance

The City of Norcross has been an ARC Green Communities certified government since 2010. Today, we are one of three Platinum certified communities in the Metro-Atlanta area! Some of the green projects that we are most proud of are the following:


The Sustainable Norcross Commission (SNC) is a seven-member citizen panel appointed by the City Council which advises the city on matters of sustainability and the environment. Click here to be taken to the SNC page for board info and meeting agendas/minutes. 

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Sustainability 101

Sustainability refers to systems and processes that can persist on their own over long periods of time, or the ability to continue without interruption or diminution. Sustainability refers to a discipline devoted to ensuring our Earth’s long- lasting survival from human activity by considering the “three P’s”: People, Planet and Profit. Also known as the "triple bottom line."  Learn more about the triple bottom line by clicking HERE.

sustainable diagrams
The United Nations defines sustainable development with 17 goals, numbered in no particular order.  Learn more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals by clicking HERE.
Sustainable Goals Graphic
Manufacturing sometimes defines sustainability using “Cradle to Cradle” systems, which are zero-waste circular economies and mimic the biological cycle. The idea of Cradle to Cradle was coined by Michael Braungart and William McDonough in their book “Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way WE Make Things”. See their TED Talk by clicking HERE.
Bio and Technical Cycle
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pollinator garden sign
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