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On this page, you will find messages to the community from our mayor, Craig Newton. They may be in the form of letters or even transcripts from the mayor's in-person addresses.

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Nov 30

Remarks from the Grand Opening of New Norcross Library

Posted on November 30, 2021 at 3:18 PM by Marketing Marketing

Having access to information is imperative to the betterment of our physical, spiritual mental and economic wellbeing. The right to information is a fundamental human right. An informed population can better its situation by converting information into knowledge. The covid pandemic has heightened the importance of information in a time of crisis.

Access to accurate and timely information helps people make safe choices for themselves and their families. Access to information improves our lives, builds trust and brings hope to an otherwise destitute mind.

Our Gwinnett County Library here in Norcross will continue its tradition of providing fair, equal and quality access to information for people facing the greatest barriers and factors of vulnerability. It is a stepping-stone on the path to a better future.

We are appreciative of this effort in making a better community through education and community support. 

We applaud our Gwinnett County Commission and the Gwinnett Public Library System for their efforts in partnering with the City of Norcross in creating the most unique Library in the County.