Code Enforcement Process

How do I report a Code Violation?

Report Code Violation(s) within City limits directly to the Code Enforcement Division. You can also access the City of Norcross website at and under Code Enforcement: you can report your violation/observation on our online Compliant form.

What happens when Code Enforcement receives a complaint?

The Code Enforcement Officer will answer questions and investigate compliants from citizens on a wide variety of issues. Depending on the nature of compliant and the results of the investigation, the officer will visit the offending property and work with the property owner or resident to abate any violations found.

From the date the "Warning Notice" is issued the resident/owner is typically given a specific time frame in which to correct the violation(s) and come into compliance.

What should I do if I receive a Code Enforcement Warning Notice?

Correct the violation either before or by the date given on Warning Notice. If for any reason you are unable to to come into compliance within the time given call the Code Enforcement Officer who issued the warning to discuss the violation.

**Please note: Only one Warning Notice for a particular violation will be issued within a twelve month period. Repeating the same violation within a twelve month period will result in the immediate issue of a Citation to Norcross Municipal Court.