Vacant Property Registration

Vacant Property Registration

On March 4, 2013 the Vacant Property Registration Ordinance was passed and requires that owners of all vacant or unoccupied properties within the city limits register these properties. Submit the completed form along with a $100 registration fee to the Community Development Department at:

Norcross Community Development Department
65 Lawrenceville Street
Norcross, GA 30071

Listed below are a few questions/answers for quick reference to the Vacant Property Registration process.

Q: What is the cost to register?

A: The fee is $100.00

Q Is this a one-time registration or will it be required to be renewed each year?

A: One time registration fee. As the property changes ownership – the new owner will be responsible to re-register the property under their name if property remains vacant.

Q. Do you send out a receipt once payment is received and processed?

A: The receipt can be emailed or mailed.

Q. How do we remove a property from the registry?

A: Written request via mail, fax, email, and in person to:
Community Development Department
65 Lawrenceville Street,
Norcross, GA 30071
Fax: 770-242-0824
Robert Patrick:  Email

Q. Do we need to provide proof of sale?

A:Yes – proof of sale, occupancy or proof that you are no longer the responsible party.

Q: Is there a fee associated with removing a property from the registry?

A: No.