Office of the Chief

The Chief of Police is responsible for the overall operations of the police department and sets the short-term and long-term goals and objectives, as well as planning for the future needs of the department.

Major Duties of the Chief of Police include:

  • Plans, directs and administers the activities and personnel of the department. Develops and evaluates departmental activities and programs. Meets regularly with division commanders to discuss issues, formulate strategies and resolve future problems. Manages the assignment of personnel and appropriate training programs.
  • Supervises and evaluates the performance of assigned staff. Oversees the selection of employees for hires, promotions, transfers and reassignments. Assesses and reviews internal investigations and disciplinary actions of members of the department for alleged wrongdoing.
  • Reports on departmental activities to the appropriate city authorities and coordinates departmental operations with those of other departments.
  • Meets with local citizens and business owners to resolve problems, plan special events, and improve the delivery of police services.
  • Advises the Mayor and Council and governing authority on issues pertaining to law enforcement operations.
  • Reviews departmental operations for risk management concerns; amends departmental policies to reduce potential liabilities.
  • Directs the preparation and administration of the annual operating police budget. Presents the budget to City Council for approval. Identifies and applies for grants as appropriate.
  • Conducts staff inspections to ensure that departmental operations and programs are in compliance with applicable laws, ordinances and policies.
  • Establishes policy and direction for the community crime prevention programs.
  • Prepares and delivers presentations to community groups on topics related to police operations and crime prevention.
  • Attends professional meetings, hearings and conferences.